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I've finally moved out of the place I was staying at, yay! I'm not moving into the new place until the first of May, but [personal profile] penelope_z has very generously put me up, so even the temporary arrangements are already a massive improvement on my previous living situation. Now I only need to find a job, and I can stop spending 75% of my waking hours (and judging by some weird-ass dreams, 100% of my sleep) panicking about money.

Mind you, the remaining 25% of my time is not actually bad. We just watched Trekkies and Trekkies 2 which has certainly been an...interesting experience.

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-I've been back since last morning, and I still haven't gotten around to properly catching up with the flist (or all the TV I missed, or reading a Dance For Dragons for that matter)-you people post a lot! Anyway, the holiday was awesome (given that I stayed almost two weeks more than I planned to, it was bound to be), and I might make a holiday pic post later, provided everyone is not getting tired of those.

-For those of you following the kitten saga: it's been resolved, in the best way possible.
[personal profile] mimine had a agreed to watch it while I was away, and sometime between my return date constantly being pushed forward and the kitten deciding to take a jump from the second floor (it's fine now-and I'm half convinced the little Slytherin feline did it on purpose) the two of them bonded-long story short, any of you curious for updates, check out [personal profile] mimine's lj, because it's her cat now. When she told me the decision over the phone, I kept grinning like an idiot for the rest of the evening, and telling half the island the good news (“My friend took the cat! And I'll get to visit it whenever I want!”). Unsurprisingly, the reaction of the random assortment of people I shared this news with (sailors, bartenders and cafe waiters-I was in that island for a long time) seemed to be perplexed indifference. NGL, that's when I missed fandom and its cat obsession the most. :P

-I'm kind of enjoying Torchwood this season, in a non-ironic way even. I like the new cast additions, and some of the most LOLtastic “acting” moments from original cast members are thankfully missing.

-I really, really want to read some newer HP fic (considering how out of touch I've been with HP fandom, “newer” can mean up to 2-3 years), but don't even know where to start. I'd appreciate any recs you have-I prefer Snarry and H/D (and Snape/Hermione, but I've given up finding decent fic of the pairing), but would love to check out some het, femslash and other pairings as well, preferrably not involving Weasleys or Marauders (but I can make exceptions for really good fic).

-Eta: Almost forgot! The icon meme, because it's fun:

1. Reply to this post with “CONVERSE”, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

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Jul. 7th, 2011 08:02 pm
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  •  I STILL haven't found a home for the kitten, and it won't happen anytime soon, as it developed some skin issues due to being being away from his mum so soon that need treatment first (I already spent close to 200 euro that I cannot afford on it). In the meantime, she seems to think I'm her mum and constantly clings to me, when she's not using me a scratching post or randomly jumping on my desk and walking on the keyboard.
  • Thanks to r_grayjoy for the v-gift! It still hasn't properly sunk in that I'll be in Diacon Alley in two weeks.
  • I switched the pics from the Erik/Charles comic picspam to scrapbook because photobucket kept running out of bandwidth and fixed some issues like missing scans.
  • With everything going on, I don't know how I'll find the time to read through all the ASOIAF book before the new one comes out. I don't want to end up dragging the last three books to the UK with me.
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-If I don't find a home for the kitten soon, I'll go insane. It (possibly she) is past that tiny, constantly sleeping/cuddling phase and is at the face of running around wrecking destruction with such gusto, I'm wondering it got hold of some good uppers and is holding out on me. My hands and arms were covered in scratches anyway, but now it's decided my bare legs make an excellent scratching post. I pretty much need to constantly keep one eye on it-FFS, it's like having a KID!

-X-Men:First Class has eaten my brain. When I'm not reading a truly frightening amount of fic/meta, I'm systematically going through over thee decades of comics (and yes, the characters are older than that, but thinks really start getting interesting sometime in the late 70s) extracting pics for a “illustration of Charles/Erik's love in comics canon”) post I am planning which is at turns hilarious (oh, the crack that is comics canon), nostalgia-inducing and, above all, exhausting.

-I'm currently rereading the A Song Of Ice And Fire books, and with the distractions described above, it's taking longer than expected. I haven't actually read the last two books, but even rereading the bits I vaguely remembered has left me with A Lot Of Thoughts.

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-Like everybody else, I've been horrified by the situation in Japan. I wish my financial situation was better so I could donate something to the relief effort, but as it is, I can only be dumbstruck by the scale of the tragedy and enraged at the assholes using this as fodder for cheap jokes or dropping Pearl Harbour (!) references.

-RL has been a neverending source of frustration lately, as I've been considering a professional game plan for when my MBA ends. Going abroad seems to be the only viable option right now, but I'm not thrilled about it, especially since it doesn't feel like much of a choice at this juncture. I have a job interview next week, so we'll see how that goes.

-This is quite possibly the best thing I've seen all week:

Now, I'm not condoning violence as a response to bullying (though I'm not exactly condemning it either), but I can completely understand where that kid is coming from. There's only so much you can take before you snap (and obviously a lot of people agree, given that this clip made the kid into an instant Internet hero.

Also...that little bully runt seriously lacks some self-preservation skills. Did it not cross his mind that a boy who's twice his size might, I don't know, fight back?
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I'm beyond ready to be done with my MBA. I've actually been doing surprisingly well at it, which is a bit depressing considering I've always found anything business and finance-related incredibly dull and was a Humanities girl at heart. Turns out, you don't need to enjoy something to be good at it. Huh.

Still, constantly working under a deadline for some paper or the other (if I never see accounting details in my life again, I'll be ecstatically happy), I haven't had much motivation to read a book, or really keep up with fandom and my flist.

Instead, I've been watching a whole bunch of shows:

-Homicide: Life on the streets Ever since watching the sheer perfection that is The Wire, this has been on my To Watch list. And it's just...brilliant. Much more of a cop show than The Wire, but at the same time, the very antithesis of a cop show. I can see why it wasn't hugely successful: like The Wire, it takes a while to get hooked on and requires one's full attention (respecting the viewer's intelligence and avoiding exposition/pointing out the obvious). The conversations sound like the type real people have, alternating between mundane, bleak and hilarious, but never sounding like scripted dialogue. And the characters...I could write an ode to John Munch, whose inferior SVU version I was already familiar with, but who only really shines on this show. And dude, where the hell are my Bayliss/Pembleton fics? The slashiness is, early Smallville-level slashiness, and both characters and fascinating, complex and, you know, HAWT. So WTF, fandom? I have a theory about this very obvious pairing doesn't have a huge following, and it it features the words “worship”, “white” and “cock”.

-The Good Wife I don't know how it happened, but a show involving lawyers, people's marriages and politics is suddenly my favourite show on air, as none of those things are exactly relevant to my interests. But the writing and cast are so stellar, I've been utterly converted. And the wealth of female characters is amazing: Alicia is complicated, flawed and possesses and almost preternatural poise, Diane can CUT you with her words, and Kalinda is just too awesome for words. If only more genre shows had that many female characters! Who interact with each other! And have conversations that are rarely about men!

-Misfits I watched it and liked it well enough last season, but this season took it to a whole other level. I'm shipping Simon/Alisha so hard, it's a bit embarrassing. I can only hope there's no potentially cringe-worthy US remake in the works (unlike that impending Being Human disaster). My only complaint is...SIX episodes? And we have to wait a year after that season finale? Clearly I do not having the patience for watching TV in real time.
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It’s been pointed out to me that I’ve disappeared off the face of the Internet for an usual length of time, even for me. I do plan on doing a real post one of these days, not to mention catch up with all of you, but in meantime, some quick notes;

-Regardless of what you may have seen in the news, Greece is neither a)on fire b)on the brink of civil war. Yes, the economy’s in the shithole and yes, there are plenty of protests, but considering the number of worried enquiries from friends abroad I’ve had over the last few weeks, the media might be blowing stuff up a tad out of proportion.

-Funny story, actually, but the worst day of protests, I managed to be in arguably the worst possible place. I wanted to drop by my Uni for something, unaware that the building was closed for the day. As I got off the metro in the central Athens, I got a lungful of tear gas (sufficiently dissipated to walk around, but my nose and throat still stung like a motherfucker). Considering it business as usual, I took some side alleys in an effort to avoid main streets and some fires I saw burning in the distance. It’s only when I reached my Uni building that it became clear that the event was probably cancelled. The clues leading to that brilliant deduction were:
a)The congregation firetrucks assorted emergency services in front of the building.
b)The ladder leading into the building right next to the Uni with various firemen climbing it.
c)The fact that said building was ON FIRE.

So, after debating for all of two seconds getting nearer to confirm that my building was, indeed, closed (I decided against that after the I noticed the ‘GTFO, you crazy bitch!’ glares the firemen were throwing me), and walked instead the ten minute distance into the old area around the Parthenon, were tourists were walking around oblivious and all was business as usual. Gotta love Athens.

-In other news I quit smoking. Again. I don’t know why people say quitting is hard, I’ve done it like five times.

Har har. No but seriously, this had better be the last time. I’m on day three with withdrawal jitters kicking my ass: I’m lethargic, cranky and sort of artificially hungry, but I’m grinding my teeth and trying to stay hydrated. I know the drill: the physical withdrawal shall soon pass, and then it will come ‘climbing up the walls and being a massive bitch to everyone’, which is always a good time for all those involved.

-After realizing that I can get comic books the same way I get foreign TV shows, I went a little crazy catching up with my first ever fandom, the X-MEN. In the ‘reading about thirty years worth of canon’ way. I have about a billion thoughts on the subject, but before I share them, I should check whether any of you even read Marvel comics (and if you do, any recs for fics/sites/communities would be appreciated).
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I’m currently drinking my first attempt at a homemade caipirinha. It’s not a total success as a)my blender pulverizes the ice rather than crush it, so it’s really more of a boozy sorbet and b)yikes, it definitely needs more than one teaspoon of brown sugar. I’ll still finish it, mind you-booze is booze!

In other news, I’m back to my sort-of-but-as-close-as-I’ll-get-this-year holidays. What were supposed to be ten boring days in Halkidiki with my mum turned out ok since I had my crazy friend from Thessaloniki (it’s near there) and the ex-boyfriend to hang out with. Then, as soon as I came back, my best friend came to visit from abroad for a week, and then I headed for a weekend to Thessaloniki to catch up some more with aforementioned crazy friend. I wish I’d had a proper island holiday, but I’m nevertheless exhausted from all the sun, lack of sleep and excessive drinking, AND my voice is gone from smoking too much, so hey! Must be a holiday!

I was going to share some pics, but since I want to crosspost (and therefore can’t use LJ scrapbook, that I prefer to keep friends-only), can anyone recommend me a program besides Photobucket? (I’ve heard horror stories).

So, from the looks on the flist I’ve managed to sneak of the flist during the summer…I’m sorry, are we liking LJ again? The feeling is by no means universal (like anything online ever is), but I’m getting the vibe that, after some token goodwill gestures from our benevolent (ha!) overlords, suddenly all seems forgiven. I’ll just be on the corner, sticking to my reservations and not renewing my paid account (though I miss the icons, I admit). Back when tensions were still running high, I encountered the ‘LJ is an abusive boyfriend’ in icons a lot, and aside from the overdramatic and slightly inappropriate nature of the metaphor (hey, it’s fandom, overdramatic and slightly inappropriate is what we do), I can’t help but feel the shoe kind of fits in this cases. I won’t begrudge anyone their optimism, but I remain cynical.

I have a massive amount of catching up to do, but to finish this on a semi-fannish note, is anyone watching Mad Men? If not, you should definitely check it out. I wasn’t initially particularly attracted by the ‘ad agency in the 1960s’ premise, but that was before I saw how GORGEOUS the show is. And yes, also wonderfully acted, original, unflinchingly portraying the period complete with sexism, racism, bad food and smoking pregnant women (well, smoking EVERYONE. In both senses), amazing direction and sets and did I mention, so, so pretty! Everyone is vaguely amoral too. While smoking. Which to me makes it a sexy, sexy show.

(Man, this caipirinha really SUCKS!)
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  • At one point last week, the temperature in Athens reached 48 degrees C. Venturing outside was way beyond 'oppressive heatwave' and entering 'hey, who left the oven door open' territory. And of course, as luck would have it, where would the worst of it be but where I live, officially the most densely populated place in Athens (and Europe!).

  • So does anybody else watch Dexter? Because I downloaded season 1 this week and, um, wow. A slight fondness for Hopkin's portrayal of Lecter aside, I never thought I could be this fascinated by a serial killer, but it turns out, if anybody's performance can win me over, it's Michael C. Hall's. And as a bonus, he looks better in a form-fitting T-shirt than Athony Hopkins ever could. Inappropriate lusty thoughts aside though, this show is the best thing I've seen in a long EVER, which of course makes me fear the PTB completely fucking it up in season 2, and I think all Veronica Mars fans know what I'm talking about.
  • I'll be unreachable until next Monday, since [profile] ioanna and me are taking a short break on the island of Samothraki. It's like the anti-tourist trap: population 3000 or so people and 100000 goats, plenty of waterfalls, ruins, and backpackers-and no Internet to be found anywhere I presume, so I hope LJ doesn't explode while I'm gone.
  • Speaking of LJ exploding, the book release is getting nearer and nearer, and I don't even know how to feel about that. Is it the End of Days for fandom? Will half the HP websites shut down a week after it comes out? And, most importantly, what's IN the damn thing? Personally, I'm still clinging to a tiny hope for a Chainsaw Massacre-style conclusion.


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