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Dinner and a Show Dexter gen A wonderful character study of Deb, told through various dinners she’s had with important men in her life. The Rudy section in particular was chilling.

What I Am Dexter gen Fantastic plot-heavy fic set sometime in S6, where Dexter is arrested for a murder he didn’t actually commit. While this is very much an ensemble fic, the high point is Debra. And for those who are up to date with the show, one can only hope they deal with certain developments as skilfully as this story did.

All Is Cracked And Confusion Star Trek: Deep Space Nine gen This is the kind of complex and layered storytelling that calls back to my absolutely favourite Trek series. The Obsidian Order attempts to use the Orb Of Time to change history: the result is at times confusing, as Trek timetravel plots tend to be, but the strength of this story lies in the characters (oh, my Garak) and an ending that packs a definite punch.

In The Files Star Trek: Deep Space Nine gen Set immediately post the Dominion occupation of the station, this is a story that reads like an episode, centring around Kira and Jadzia and doing both characters justice.

Thistle & Weeds Big Love Nicki/Alby, Nicki/Lura Nicki was my favourite character on the show, and this story shows all her complexities and contradictions, the ugly flaws and inner strengths, her disturbing and fascinating relationship with Alby, and generally all that makes the character compelling. It’s quite a feat to show Nicki and Alby in all their tainted glory and still make them sympathetic.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Mad Men Roger/Joan Don’t be fooled by the pairing, this is really about Joan and Peggy, and the unexpected friendship that is born out of common ground.

Say It Without Saying It Mad Men gen On the surface, this is all about Don and Peggy coming up with a campaign, which would be enough to make me happy anyway, but essentially this is all about how Peggy sees Don, and exactly what their almost co-dependent rapport means to her.

Anne and George of the Thirds Famous Five gen YAY, Famous Five fic! With George joining Anne in boarding school, this reads like a fusion of Blyton’s mystery and boarding school novels, focusing on the girls’ friendship and the fact there’s more than one awesome way to be a girl.


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