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-It’s always strange to post after long absences. It’s like when you have an unanswered e-mail lying for months in your inbox, and by the time you get around to it, it’s all *awkward* and you’ve forgotten what you meant to say in the first place.

-I just started watching Legend of the Seeker. Apparently, this is by the creators of Hercules and Xena attempting to do SRS BUSINESS TV. The result is…incredibly cheesy, actually (the rising music! The slo-mo fight sequences!) but oddly watchable nevertheless (much more than Hercules, where I couldn’t get through an episode. But then, Hercules was one of my favorite heroes as a child, so I’m kind of protective of him).

-Of course I was bummed by Dollhouse’s cancellation, but I’m just grateful we got the two seasons we did. The show’s concept was never going to have a broad appeal and Joss was kind of a dolt for going for Fox again (to say nothing of those ill-advise, formulaic first six episodes, essentially guaranteeing it would never pick up a following). I’ve been seing some Schadenfreude at the news around lj, but hey. *shrug* I liked it, and I see what he was trying to do, but I completely get why others didn’t.

-This week’s TV was EXCELLENT.

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May. 16th, 2009 09:39 am
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Dollhouse has been renewed for a second season.

…somebody pinch me. I’ve always held on to a glimmer of hope (AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT), but this is just....Yeah.

*takes a moment*
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Rec: [ profile] giandujakiss made an excellent and disturbing vid addressing some of the skeevier aspects of Dollhouse: It Depends On What You Pay . The vid really worked for me, even though I don’t necessarily think that the show is unaware of the problematic rape depictions and doesn’t textually acknowledge them. I actually think it’s attempting to make a commentary on the all-encompassing rape culture and general commodification of sexuality in the society we live in. Whether it’s successful in that attempt is another matter and largely dependent on everyone’s interpretation of it.

On that same topic, an interesting (positive)blog post on feminism in Dollhouse, from the perspective of someone who wasn’t into Buffy. Definitely worth a read.

Russian President Mevdevev apparently got an lj. Insert your own ‘in Communist Russia…” joke here.
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Watching this episode left me in a bit of a daze and with entirely too many thoughts swimming in my head.

Short version: I loved it, even when it disturbed the hell out of me.

Longer version: If you cancel this Fox, I’ll CUT YOU )
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Now that was more like it.

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I refuse to believe there’s only four BSG episodes left. I’m in deep denial.
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I haven’t posted for a while because of crazy RL stuff, but you know a new Whedon show would bring me out of hiding!

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In other TV news, I’ve become hooked on both Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and, embarrassingly enough, Skins (never mind that I’m twice the age of the cast). Since practically nobody on the flist watches them though, I’ll spare you my ramblings.

Some not-so-new and long overdue unrelated recs:

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