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I'm only partially caught up on my TV shows but right now, I really feel like talking Mad Men.
Spoilers for 5x05 and some general season thoughts )
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I was a bit behind on TV due to a recent holiday (I’m relaxed, but my liver is NOT). Some thoughts on the last few True Blood/Mad Men episodes (spoilers for everything aired).

True Blood=/= serious business )

Mad Men has been so good for the last two episodes, I’m seriously lamenting the lack of fic.
Peggy Olsen is a BAMF )
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My one observation about last night’s Mad Men:

My one observation about last night’s Mad Men )
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I’m currently drinking my first attempt at a homemade caipirinha. It’s not a total success as a)my blender pulverizes the ice rather than crush it, so it’s really more of a boozy sorbet and b)yikes, it definitely needs more than one teaspoon of brown sugar. I’ll still finish it, mind you-booze is booze!

In other news, I’m back to my sort-of-but-as-close-as-I’ll-get-this-year holidays. What were supposed to be ten boring days in Halkidiki with my mum turned out ok since I had my crazy friend from Thessaloniki (it’s near there) and the ex-boyfriend to hang out with. Then, as soon as I came back, my best friend came to visit from abroad for a week, and then I headed for a weekend to Thessaloniki to catch up some more with aforementioned crazy friend. I wish I’d had a proper island holiday, but I’m nevertheless exhausted from all the sun, lack of sleep and excessive drinking, AND my voice is gone from smoking too much, so hey! Must be a holiday!

I was going to share some pics, but since I want to crosspost (and therefore can’t use LJ scrapbook, that I prefer to keep friends-only), can anyone recommend me a program besides Photobucket? (I’ve heard horror stories).

So, from the looks on the flist I’ve managed to sneak of the flist during the summer…I’m sorry, are we liking LJ again? The feeling is by no means universal (like anything online ever is), but I’m getting the vibe that, after some token goodwill gestures from our benevolent (ha!) overlords, suddenly all seems forgiven. I’ll just be on the corner, sticking to my reservations and not renewing my paid account (though I miss the icons, I admit). Back when tensions were still running high, I encountered the ‘LJ is an abusive boyfriend’ in icons a lot, and aside from the overdramatic and slightly inappropriate nature of the metaphor (hey, it’s fandom, overdramatic and slightly inappropriate is what we do), I can’t help but feel the shoe kind of fits in this cases. I won’t begrudge anyone their optimism, but I remain cynical.

I have a massive amount of catching up to do, but to finish this on a semi-fannish note, is anyone watching Mad Men? If not, you should definitely check it out. I wasn’t initially particularly attracted by the ‘ad agency in the 1960s’ premise, but that was before I saw how GORGEOUS the show is. And yes, also wonderfully acted, original, unflinchingly portraying the period complete with sexism, racism, bad food and smoking pregnant women (well, smoking EVERYONE. In both senses), amazing direction and sets and did I mention, so, so pretty! Everyone is vaguely amoral too. While smoking. Which to me makes it a sexy, sexy show.

(Man, this caipirinha really SUCKS!)


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