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-It’s always strange to post after long absences. It’s like when you have an unanswered e-mail lying for months in your inbox, and by the time you get around to it, it’s all *awkward* and you’ve forgotten what you meant to say in the first place.

-I just started watching Legend of the Seeker. Apparently, this is by the creators of Hercules and Xena attempting to do SRS BUSINESS TV. The result is…incredibly cheesy, actually (the rising music! The slo-mo fight sequences!) but oddly watchable nevertheless (much more than Hercules, where I couldn’t get through an episode. But then, Hercules was one of my favorite heroes as a child, so I’m kind of protective of him).

-Of course I was bummed by Dollhouse’s cancellation, but I’m just grateful we got the two seasons we did. The show’s concept was never going to have a broad appeal and Joss was kind of a dolt for going for Fox again (to say nothing of those ill-advise, formulaic first six episodes, essentially guaranteeing it would never pick up a following). I’ve been seing some Schadenfreude at the news around lj, but hey. *shrug* I liked it, and I see what he was trying to do, but I completely get why others didn’t.

-This week’s TV was EXCELLENT.

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1) Yep, I was disappointed they didn’t cast an actor of colour (I wasn’t particularly hopeful that it would be a woman). Plus, I was kind of looking forward to seeing fandom explode.

2) …but hey, it did anyway. Oh fandom, never change!

3) The reactions in my flist seem restrained-I wish I could say the same about assorted doctor who coms.

4) And unlike the reactions we would have gotten to a non-white doctor, people don’t feel the need to conceal their real objections behind convoluted excuses for fear of being branded racist, so a lot of comments can be summed up with “DEFORMED FOETUS”!

5) I suppose all the people calling for a more ‘mature’ and ‘classical’ doctor would be very pleased with the casting of someone who looks like…One. There’s no such thing as too Oldschool!Doctor, right?

6) And we get to the root of at least some of the outrage. Perhaps people want an *attractive* Doctor, much like Eccleston or…Tennant?

7) Because God knows, there were *no* negative comments on Tennant’s looks when he was cast. None whatsoever. No rodents were EVER invoked, and no icons of “Not the REAL Doctor” ever made. Because we fandom people are the very antithesis of fickle. Catherine Tate was welcomed without reservations…right?

8) (I still don’t find Tennant physically attractive, though I do find him hot at times and ALWAYS compelling. And Chris Eccleston, while shaggable in every way, has a nose and ears that deserve their own cast credits).

9) Look, the lack of eyebrows is slightly disconcerting to me too. But one does not need eyebrows to act, no matter what Emma Watson might believe. And hey, if I can get used to Tennant’s lack of chin, this guy will grow on me too.

10) People do remember Tennant is STILL around, right? Let’s not treat the poor guy like a sitting duck Doctor.

Bottom line? I’m waiting to see him act. And the casting in DW has yet to let me down, no matter how “WTF”-like their initial decision may seem (prior to watching the first season, I couldn’t think of Billie Pipper without the torturous “Because we WANT to!” chorus in my head. And Billie, no matter what intra and extra-textual issues I had with Rose, absolutely won me over with her performance).

So go on, you odd-looking, eyebrowless manchild. Impress me! And for God's sake, stay AWAY from the Internet.
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Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It’s taken me almost two days to get over the hangover-I’m getting OLD!

This made me very sad George Carlin has passed away.R.I.P., and thanks for the laughs.

I need a Donna icon.

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