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 So renewals/cancellations have been announced. I'm very behind on Agent Carter but was still gutted to hear it's been cancelled. Part of me is wondering whether it's worth watching S2 now, especially since I hear it ends in a cliffhanger, but I don't want to miss out in what's already there. Oh well. Farewell to Peggy and Jarvis. It's been a hell of a ride!


In happier news for female-headed shows, Supergirl has been renewed for another season AND moving to the CW! Hopefully that means more delightful Flash crossovers in the future. :D


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I'm beyond ready to be done with my MBA. I've actually been doing surprisingly well at it, which is a bit depressing considering I've always found anything business and finance-related incredibly dull and was a Humanities girl at heart. Turns out, you don't need to enjoy something to be good at it. Huh.

Still, constantly working under a deadline for some paper or the other (if I never see accounting details in my life again, I'll be ecstatically happy), I haven't had much motivation to read a book, or really keep up with fandom and my flist.

Instead, I've been watching a whole bunch of shows:

-Homicide: Life on the streets Ever since watching the sheer perfection that is The Wire, this has been on my To Watch list. And it's just...brilliant. Much more of a cop show than The Wire, but at the same time, the very antithesis of a cop show. I can see why it wasn't hugely successful: like The Wire, it takes a while to get hooked on and requires one's full attention (respecting the viewer's intelligence and avoiding exposition/pointing out the obvious). The conversations sound like the type real people have, alternating between mundane, bleak and hilarious, but never sounding like scripted dialogue. And the characters...I could write an ode to John Munch, whose inferior SVU version I was already familiar with, but who only really shines on this show. And dude, where the hell are my Bayliss/Pembleton fics? The slashiness is, early Smallville-level slashiness, and both characters and fascinating, complex and, you know, HAWT. So WTF, fandom? I have a theory about this very obvious pairing doesn't have a huge following, and it it features the words “worship”, “white” and “cock”.

-The Good Wife I don't know how it happened, but a show involving lawyers, people's marriages and politics is suddenly my favourite show on air, as none of those things are exactly relevant to my interests. But the writing and cast are so stellar, I've been utterly converted. And the wealth of female characters is amazing: Alicia is complicated, flawed and possesses and almost preternatural poise, Diane can CUT you with her words, and Kalinda is just too awesome for words. If only more genre shows had that many female characters! Who interact with each other! And have conversations that are rarely about men!

-Misfits I watched it and liked it well enough last season, but this season took it to a whole other level. I'm shipping Simon/Alisha so hard, it's a bit embarrassing. I can only hope there's no potentially cringe-worthy US remake in the works (unlike that impending Being Human disaster). My only complaint is...SIX episodes? And we have to wait a year after that season finale? Clearly I do not having the patience for watching TV in real time.


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