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I'm back! I had a fantastic time in the UK, but I will say that not having Internet after DiaCon was its own special brand of torture.

The con was AMAZING. The panels were all very interesting, and I wish that I had time to attend all of them, but between meet-ups and sneaking off to check out Canterbury, there wasn't enough time. The best part was, of course, meeting people, both discovering that flist people was as cool as I had expected and meeting new people I probably never would have otherwise. Overall the whole con was hectic in the best way, with much discussion, drinking and general merriment-and ok, the drinking part was mostly me, which shouldn't surprise anyone who's known me more than five minutes. The whole experience has definitely rekindled my interest in HP.

I'd love to talk more about the movie, but it feels like I watched it a million years ago, and what I mostly remember is how fun it was watching it with a big group of people who also laughed their asses off at a particularly drawn out conversation about wands.

I might post some photos later, both of the con and general holiday pics, but right now I have to do a massive catch up and stalk add a bunch of people.
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Most of the planet has already seen, reviewed, and probably already forgot about OotP by now, but Greek distributors means that I'm as usual late to the party.

[ profile] ariadneelda, [ profile] mimine and I went to a late-ish screening to be spared most of the kids, though alas, not the obnoxious teens who kept talking over the movie, and some of which tried to steal our seats (Ariadne set them straight though).

Movie and some minor DH spoilers within )


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