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I know I haven't posted anything about Merlin this season (or much of anything else really), but I just HAD to weigh in on the finale.
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I held out watching last week's episode until part 2 came out (did attempt to watch it in the living room initially, but then discovered that the downside to having flatmates is that they tend to talk over the TV and such, and you can't exactly tell them to "Be quiet so I can watch my silly show that I nevertheless take VERY SERIOUSLY")

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God, this episode. I don't even know how to talk about it, it's left me with so many conflicting feelings.

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-It’s always strange to post after long absences. It’s like when you have an unanswered e-mail lying for months in your inbox, and by the time you get around to it, it’s all *awkward* and you’ve forgotten what you meant to say in the first place.

-I just started watching Legend of the Seeker. Apparently, this is by the creators of Hercules and Xena attempting to do SRS BUSINESS TV. The result is…incredibly cheesy, actually (the rising music! The slo-mo fight sequences!) but oddly watchable nevertheless (much more than Hercules, where I couldn’t get through an episode. But then, Hercules was one of my favorite heroes as a child, so I’m kind of protective of him).

-Of course I was bummed by Dollhouse’s cancellation, but I’m just grateful we got the two seasons we did. The show’s concept was never going to have a broad appeal and Joss was kind of a dolt for going for Fox again (to say nothing of those ill-advise, formulaic first six episodes, essentially guaranteeing it would never pick up a following). I’ve been seing some Schadenfreude at the news around lj, but hey. *shrug* I liked it, and I see what he was trying to do, but I completely get why others didn’t.

-This week’s TV was EXCELLENT.

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Well, my Internet is back. And all it took is two weeks, me calling the phone company ten times a day, going to their offices to hassle them in person, having a minor breakdown and sacrificing several small animals to the devil. (Totally worth it!)

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In other news, I’m rewatching Merlin season 1 with [ profile] ariadneelda, and [ profile] mimine joined us today for episodes 109 and 110, even though she’d never seen it before. Suffice to say, the silliness is only enhanced when watching it out of context.

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-I went on a mini-friending spree, mostly people from my IJ flist (because IJ itself is pretty dead these days) and a few people I’ve been meaning to add on LJ for a while. So. *waves*

-I succumbed and ordered the complete Buffy DVD series from Amazon UK, as an early Christmas present to myself. Never mind that I only relatively recently rewatched my downloaded Buffy eps. At only about 72 euros, I *had* to have it (plus, commentaries, whee!).

-And speaking of special Amazon offers, why are the Trek shows so expensive? I guess Sci Fi geeks are supposed to be more willing to spend than average fan geeks-me, I’m sticking with torrents. I’ve recently rewatched DS9, which reminded me of why it’s my all-time favourite Trek. I also rewatched Voyager, and rolled my eyes at the copious use of the reset button, missed storyline/character development opportunities, and how after a certain point, the show became All. About. Seven (and I actually liked Seven, but come ON!). I’m currently working my way through Enterprise, which is not quite as godawful as I remember it.

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In the latest “Oh God, I have enough fandoms to merit an intervention” news, I’ve fallen totally in love with BBC’s Merlin. I put off watching it for a while because a)there are so many hours in the day and b)I was worried that it would be a bit like that Robin Hood show…which, apologies to any who might like it, I could not get through more than a few episodes before lapsing into a boredom-induced comma.

But anyway, Merlin. It was actual good, and not just in that ‘so bad it’s’ way.

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*goes back to watching download progress for the Merlin season finale*


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