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So I've watched Iron Man 3...well, on the 25th, but I've been too lazy/busy/sick (the latter is a more recent development) to compose a post. This is technically cheating, and I'll try to make a real post soon, but in the meantime, here is the Geeks on a Sofa review of the movie.

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This is the other show we've been filming, where the format is essentially us sitting around talking about X geeky topic (and I get to voice my OPINIONS, as opposed to just shooting down other people's, so I'm a big fan).

In this one, we're laying out our thoughts on Grant Morisson. I have an epic rant about his run on X-MEN, while the boys tackle his work on DC/other publishers, so this might hold some interest for comic book fans.

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I am so excited about Game of Thrones (will be watching it tonight), it migt even motivate me to do a proper fannish entry.

Meanwhile, the Youtube channel is still happening, and while I spared you weekly updates, I just had to share this one:

This was actually the first episode we ever filmed, but let's say I was invested in the outcome enough that I got over my nerves fairly quickly.


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