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*checks previous post date*

Wow, I've been neglectful with updating this thing. One of these days I should make a RL update post (I'm still here, London hasn't swallowed me up whole yet), but in the meantime, my Amazing Spider-Man thoughts:

movie and comic spoilers )

Between this and the Avengers, this has been an excellent summer for comics fans. Now they only need to do a decent Daredevil reboot, and my life will be complete.
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So I’m on day three of my umpteenth “quitting smoking” attempt, which has left me feeling drained and crappy, with a near-constant pounding headache and a general desire to stab things. So bear in mind that my thoughts on Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows might be slightly coloured by the fact, made worse by the fact that in the age of “no one smokes in films except villains” nonsense, I had to pick one of the few films where everybody smokes like a motherfucker lucky bastards

My not particularly charitable review )

DH review

Nov. 19th, 2010 11:29 pm
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I saw DH yesterday (for ONCE Greece didn’t get screwed in terms of HP release dates), though this is the first chance I got to make a post.

Spoilers, obviously )

I can't believe we have to wait a year for the second part. I can't believe I actually care.
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*peeks in*

Hey all, remember me? I’m fairly certain tectonic plates have shifted since my last update, though I’ve been making an effort to at least read my flist from time to time.

I went to see Dark Knight with [ profile] ariadneelda last night.

Spoilers, obviously )
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I realise it’s been about a gazillion years since my last update-RL has been on the stressful side, and I haven’t exactly in the mood for fandom, or the Internet, or much of anything besides vegging out in front of old X-Files episodes (I’ve only just gotten into that, btw. Never let it be said that I can’t be decades late to a party).

I need to get caught up on old posts, but since that’s a near-impossible feat, can someone point me to what I may have missed? Fics, wanks, the next wave of 6A’s assitude, anything?

A quick movie rec: I went to see For the Bible tells me so at a Film Festival-it was actually the European premiere, and the director was there, which was pretty cool. It’s a documentary about the Christian Right attack on homosexuality, narrated through the stories of several gay people coming from religious backgrounds. I rarely cry at movies, and I did at several points in this-and yet, despite the heaviness of the subject and the truly terrifying sight that are religious fundamentalists (and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the concept that these people are for real-they’re such caricatures, they’d be funny in any context besides reality), there was definitely a quiet hopefulness throughout. I recommend it without reservations.
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  • I finally watched the 300 yesterday, and honestly, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Why must you insist on 'drawing inspiration' from my country's history, Hollywood?

    But of course, this isn't about historical accuracy, being based on a comic and all. And let's even leave aside the misogyny, racist stereotyping, uncomfortably clunky and inappropriate parallels to current political events and odd mix of homophobic machismo with rampant homoerotic imagery. But whoever felt necessary to 'translate' Thermopylae to "Hot Gates" needs to be shot NOW. 300 half-naked, muscular men at the Hot Gates? I think I saw a porno like that once.

  • My current splitting headache is only partly Frank Miller-induced though. A PSA: when reaching under desk to retrieve an item, it's best not to keep your eyes on the computer screen, or you will know the literal meaning of "headdesk". Thanks to my epic klutziness, I'm now sporting a black eye.

  • I still haven't decided what to do with my LJ-I'm no longer comfortable on Livejournal, but I'm still crossposting until I figure out what the best way to keep up with the portion of my flist staying on LJ (I think feeds might be helpful, provided I can figure it out). I'm open to suggestions, btw.

    My previous post, which contained a few recs, was IJ-only though. I'm not going to be posting recs on Livejournal, for obvious reasons-and while I could, in theory, play the 'sort out the offending material' guessing game, I'm not willing to get into that way of thinking. The amount of self-censorship I'm already doing is quite enough.


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