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Oh, fandom. Sometimes you frustrate me enough to consider switching off the computer and going out to experience this thing they call life. And then, you do things like this beautiful, glorious, PURE CRACK:
I’m on a ship

(Star Trek XI spoilers. Switch on the speakers, and wait for everything to load before scrolling down)

I realize that there’s something of a Trek theme developing here. I’m sure my attention will be distracted by something new or something old looking good again, but for now, I’m just enjoying the ride. I don’t remember the last time I’ve even felt this level of fannish enthusiasm-I didn’t know I still had it in me.

I’ve flirted with a LOT of fandoms over the years (the one constant I always end up going back to being, of course, HP. I blame Snape), but there’s always been factors that kept me from diving in head-first into them like the source canon going into a new direction of sheer WTF (o hai thar, Smallville!), the fandom being too focused on one character/pairing that made me break out in hives (my love for Veronica Mars can only be compared to my complete disinterest in Logan’s Angsty Manpain) or quite simply, the canon being closed/fandom pretty much dead by the time I get into it (Does discovering X-Files over a decade too late make me *really* out of touch or coolly retro?). Not to mention canons I adore but have no interest in being fannish in/where the sum total of ‘fandom’ is a handful of Yuletide fics (Dexter, Mad Men, The Wire, Dead Like Me, Freaks and Geeks…you get the picture). And then there’s Dollhouse: it’s kind of lonely, loving a show that about 95% of fandom hates. Often, and vocally.

So, this whole exploding shiny new fandom is just…neat. Even though I realistically know the newness will inevitably fade and the traffic will slow down. But in the meantime, I’m getting in touch with my inner fangirl. Besides, it’s something to do until I get new Doctor Who/Merlin/Mystery fandom which will grab my attention next by being awesome and, judging by the pattern, possibly British.
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Star Trek has eaten my brain.

That’s still no excuse for giving in to my masochistic tendencies and reading [community profile] startrek posts, especially gems like this, not to mention the unusually quotient of misogyny and racism fail. Mind you, it just makes me happy to be a fan now as opposed to a couple of decades ago. For all of fandom’s current flaws (and they are legion!), I have the feeling it would have made me headdesk a lot more when it was more of a fanboys club.

After I stopped laughing at the post, it led me to some thoughts on geekiness in general which led to thinking about Uhura in the Star Trek film and, well. Thank God for lj cuts.
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I have two Dreamwidth invites, does anyone want them?

I’ve watched Star Trek for the second time, so I’m overdue a post on it.

I didn’t know what to expect from it (the first time). I was never a fan of the original series (DS9 is my Trek), so in that sense it made it easier going in with less fannish baggage, though I didn’t expect to be particularly blown away other.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

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