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-If I don't find a home for the kitten soon, I'll go insane. It (possibly she) is past that tiny, constantly sleeping/cuddling phase and is at the face of running around wrecking destruction with such gusto, I'm wondering it got hold of some good uppers and is holding out on me. My hands and arms were covered in scratches anyway, but now it's decided my bare legs make an excellent scratching post. I pretty much need to constantly keep one eye on it-FFS, it's like having a KID!

-X-Men:First Class has eaten my brain. When I'm not reading a truly frightening amount of fic/meta, I'm systematically going through over thee decades of comics (and yes, the characters are older than that, but thinks really start getting interesting sometime in the late 70s) extracting pics for a “illustration of Charles/Erik's love in comics canon”) post I am planning which is at turns hilarious (oh, the crack that is comics canon), nostalgia-inducing and, above all, exhausting.

-I'm currently rereading the A Song Of Ice And Fire books, and with the distractions described above, it's taking longer than expected. I haven't actually read the last two books, but even rereading the bits I vaguely remembered has left me with A Lot Of Thoughts.

Spoilers for A Game Of Thrones book and show )
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I finally (FINALLY) saw X-Men:First Class!

There was so much hype and squeeing about this around fandom, I was worried it would not be as good as I'd built it up in my head. And it wasn't.

It was better.

Spoilers include references to larger X-Men Movieverse and random comic canon tidbits )


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