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I was channel surfing when I saw a Firefly episode in one of the (smaller) Greek channels. I was so excited over it I actually called [ profile] ariadneelda. You see, Greek TV is absolutely useless when it comes to importing the decent show. They’ve aired random episodes of such shows like Angel, Queer as Folk and Doctor Who at really convenient hours like 2AM, often out of order, a few years too late and rarely a full season: and of course they neglect to do the slightest bit of promoting. Yet perplexingly, we’ve gotten the full series of Seventh Heaven, ER and the Gilmore Girls.

About half an hour later, [ profile] ariadneelda called me to tell me they were apparently showing a second episode. I switched the TV back on, and sat confused a couple of minutes, wondering why I was seing the opening shot of the Serenity episode with the new characters bording the ship, when I’d been watching a scene of the characters discussing what to do with River’s discovery earlier, when it hit me: those bozos in Greek TV somehow managed to purchase the two parts of the series pilot…and proceeded to air them out of order. FAIL, Greek TV, EPIC FAIL!


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