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We finally get to the last post of the series, and more of less catch up to current comics canon. Doing this has been the most fun I've had in fandom in ages, and I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderfully encouraging comments and interesting discussions that came up along the way. As time-consuming as making these posts was, I'll definitely miss the whole process now that I'm done.

Where there is much bickering and old married coupleness )
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After the angst, betrayal and BDSM role-play of the last post comes the perfect antidote in the form of Excalibur V3, a 14-issue series that's a essentially a love letter to all Erik/Charles fans.

That time Charles and Erik ran away to live together )
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Brace yourselves, everybody, this is the part where it gets unpleasant. Magneto's return to villainy through the 90s and early 00s led to some of the most iconic (and controversial) Magneto storylines. Charles and Erik both end up doing some pretty horrible things to each other, and we move from the “they're so married” dynamic of the 80s to “that abusive boyfriend you just keep coming back to”.

In which they both come off as assy )
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This is taking longer than expected. Looking at the folder of panels I've gathered, it looks like it might be four posts, but that's a conservative estimate.

Charles and Erik's second breakup )
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Watching First Class only reminded me of Their Very Epic Love in the comic books, and made me want to share some evidence of it for movie fans who are not currently up to going through decades of comics backstory to get to the good stuff.

Cut for images and general comics canon crack )
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So much for my plan to keep up with fandom after my last post from *checks*...a month and a half ago. Part of it is my course kicking my ass (through two accounting and one finance modules back to back. For a math-challenged, humanities background person such as myself, it's a little like what hell must look like) and part of it is comics continuing to eat my brain (I've assimilated a good three quarters of Marvel's collected input).

-I did try to quickly familiarise myself with comicbook fandom, such as it is, and drew the following depressing conclusions:
cut to spare you )

-[personal profile] ariadneelda pestered me into convinced me to watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand (though other appropriate working titles would have been: "Spartacus: Blood And Gratuitous T&A", "Spartacus: More Ridiculous Power Chords and Hilarious Manpain than Supernatural" or "Spartacus: So Annoying It Makes You Root For The Romans". I haven't hated a show fandom seems to love since another show which shall remains nameless (apart from just being mentioned two lines above), though I admit, mocking it is rather fun. There should really be more 'anti-fandoms' online, for people's snarky needs. Besides the anti-Twilight fandom, that is.

-The new DH trailer is looking good, probably mostly because it was blessedly Rickman-free (if I missed him, feel free to NOT correct me). At the same time, it made me kind of sad, because I know that when the second part comes out, that will be it for the HP fandom. I mean, canon has already closed, but I mean in terms of events creating any kind of fandom momentum. Hopefully the fandom will go on in some form, but still-end of an era.

-Note to self: never catch up with the big meta discussions before catching up with the flist. All this does, is remind you of the bad, headdesky parts of fandom and none of the fun, community one (seriously, the Haiti fic? WHAT THE FUCK. I actually yelled WTF when [personal profile] ariadneelda informed me of this revolting development over the phone, but reading the straight out of a 19th century 'colonialism, yay!' excerpts and the 'won't someone please think of the poor racist authors' were so much worse that what I was expecting. Why so sucky, fandom?).


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