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 Don't have time to write a proper review (or quite frankly the ability to organise all the intense feelings I'm having about the latest episode in a coherent sentence) but holy hell, with George R.R. Martin no longer at the metaphorical helm, shit is just HAPPENING ALL OVER THE PLACE!
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 I haven’t posted about the first episodes, but as a reader of the series, the most important thing about this season is that we are in uncharted territory. Yes, George R.R. Martin has told the show creators some of the salient future plot points, but there will be significant divergence in plots and possibly a different take on storytelling/characters/motivations, all of which will be reflected on what we get. Not necessarily in a bad way, just…different.

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I am VERY aware that there's a new Game of Thrones episode floating around, but due to circumstances beyond my control (boyfriend away for a work thing and he would kill me if I watched it without him. Or at least sulk a lot) I can't watch it until at least the weekend.

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-In the latest “one too many shows I'm getting addicted to” news, I'm enjoying the hell out of Once Upon A Time. The fairytale premise could have easily gone a bit too precious/cheesy, but the plots are tight, the acting fantastic, and I find myself caring about every single character. For those unaware of the premise, each episode features two parallel stories: one in “our” world and one in the fairytale realm, and not only am I finding myself engaged in both equally, but I'm also interested enough in each and every single character and not having any “oh no, an X-centric episode” moments yet. I really love the way the updated take on the fairytales (Most. Kickass. Snow White. Yet.), the fact that the show features several interesting female characters (and complicated relationships among them) and the the gradual way the pieces of the story are revealed. The real standouts on the show are Jennifer Morrison as an unexpectedly likeable protagonist (I wasn't much of a fan of her in House and HIMYM, but as Emma, she hits the right balance of cynism and more humanizing moments), Ginnifer Goodwin as the aforementionned kickass Snow White, the Queen/Evil Watch as a truly fantastic villain and Robert Carlyle at his most delightfully creepy and charismatic Rumplestilskin. Hell, the show is so good, I'm not even annoyed at the obligatory (for the genre) child character.

-Community's Christmas Episode/Epic Takedown of Glee was possibly The Best Thing Ever. I've lost count of the times I've rewatched Troy and Abed's rap number (which actually works as a legit song) and Annie's cringeworthy “sexy” Christmas tune (which really works for an entirely different reason).

-I realise it's been ages since I've made a rec, and I have a ton of older stuff across several fandoms to share, but for now, two recent things:

Iron by [personal profile] obsessive24 This is pretty much the Game Of Thrones vid I've been waiting for since the show began. With a focus on the Starks (mainly Ned), it does a beautiful job of both exploring the tragedy of the the show so far skillfully aluding to the larger picture and things yet to come in the books. The editing is as flawless as you'd expect from [personal profile] obsessive24, and the song seems to have been written for Ned Stark.

 Blame it on the Rhine by [personal profile] snegurochka_lee Harry/Pansy, Draco/Hermione It's been a while since I read a HP fic, but this is just the kind of thing that can draw me back in. The Harry/Pansy was hilarious, emotionally effective and searchingly hot, the side Draco/Hermione obvious to everyone but Harry, but what really made the fic for me was the use of famous works of art (complete with images and Harry and Pansy's wildly different takes on them).
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-If I don't find a home for the kitten soon, I'll go insane. It (possibly she) is past that tiny, constantly sleeping/cuddling phase and is at the face of running around wrecking destruction with such gusto, I'm wondering it got hold of some good uppers and is holding out on me. My hands and arms were covered in scratches anyway, but now it's decided my bare legs make an excellent scratching post. I pretty much need to constantly keep one eye on it-FFS, it's like having a KID!

-X-Men:First Class has eaten my brain. When I'm not reading a truly frightening amount of fic/meta, I'm systematically going through over thee decades of comics (and yes, the characters are older than that, but thinks really start getting interesting sometime in the late 70s) extracting pics for a “illustration of Charles/Erik's love in comics canon”) post I am planning which is at turns hilarious (oh, the crack that is comics canon), nostalgia-inducing and, above all, exhausting.

-I'm currently rereading the A Song Of Ice And Fire books, and with the distractions described above, it's taking longer than expected. I haven't actually read the last two books, but even rereading the bits I vaguely remembered has left me with A Lot Of Thoughts.

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 Gacked from embers_log (sorry for the link, can't figure out how to embed this video):

One and a Half Men

I would watch the hell out of that show!
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-I really have no thoughts, one way or the other, about Bin Laden dying. The reactions to his death are another matter entirely. The reaction posts on my flist have been perfectly reasonable and I completely sympathize with having positive feelings about his death (I'm against the death penalty, war and assassinations on the institutionalized/legal level, but as a person, I can be as vengeful as the next) , but some of the things I've read online since the announcement have seemed naïve, full of posturing and at times downright ghoulish.

-I still haven't gotten around to watching the DW double premiere, but given by the explosion of squee I've been witnessing, I take it it's good?

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I haven't read the books in a while, so I'm attempting a reread as I watch, but I'll keep book spoilers off the tv show reviews. Having said that, I was impressed by how faithful to the books the show was. It remains to be seen if this accuracy will work in the long-term, and whether they'll do the next books as well.

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