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Apr. 2nd, 2013 12:01 am
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Finally saw the Game of Thrones season premiere

-Ok, so being stuck on the wrong side of the Siberian cold front has gone on for so long that my first thought upon seeing poor Samwell limping through the snowstorm was "Just another average spring day in London". But that aside, the whole scene was very effective, and the White Walkers continue to creep the hell out of me.

-The camp of the wildlings was exactly how I imagined it from the books-what I do love from this show is how it veers off wildly from book canon at times, and then basically brings it to life at others. Jon Snow continues to be so out of his depth, it's kind of hilarious, though I feel the actor seems to have a better grip on the character this season. I for one totally bought his speech to the King Beyond the Wall about wanting to fight on the side of the living.

-Shae: still kind of shady, but I enjoy her snark. Sansa: still a bit naive at times (no, DON'T trust Littlefinger). Littlefinger: Still a magnificent creeper

-One thing I'm glad that is different from the books is Tyrion keeping his nose, because I need to enjoy Peter Dinklage FACE when he delivers the best snark on the snow (though I did like the little nod to book canon fans to Cersei's comment). Having said that, funny lines aside (Sometimes I drink with the harlots!) I really felt for Tyrion in this one, what with his amazing family relationships. Tywin's entire speech to him...damn, but Charles Dance can pull off Magnificent Bastard.

-BRONN! I never tire of him, even though he was used as an excuse for the obligatory BOOBSBOOBSBOOBS scene (when the whore asked him whether he didn't want to leave something to the imagination, I actually said "Of course not, it's HBO" out loud).

-Maergery is starting to annoy me a bit. I don't even know why, I normally like some cunning and manipulation-might be something to do with the actress, whose face I can only describe as "Disney princess gone wrong". Though I enjoyed the way she seemed to make Cersei grind her teeth throughout the Super!Awkward dinner, and that dumbass Joffrey being the only one missing the subtext.

-Aw, poor Davos. I'm kind of amazed at how such an honourable and honest character has survived in Westeros for so long, given his seeming inability to lie, from confessing his allegiance to Stannis to the random rescuers, to outright challenging Mellissandre in front of his king.
-Shut up, Robb. I don't care what your kingly reasons are, locking your mother in a cell for attempting to save your sisters? Not cool.

-The Dani bits seem to be sticking more to the books now, which is good since her storyline at this point was more interesting than the book equivalent last season. The reveal of Sir Barristan was sped up, which makes a lot of sense given the medium. I found that creepy little assassin girl both disconcerting and really hilarious (the bad teeth/hissing combo had me in stiches).


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