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-I've been back since last morning, and I still haven't gotten around to properly catching up with the flist (or all the TV I missed, or reading a Dance For Dragons for that matter)-you people post a lot! Anyway, the holiday was awesome (given that I stayed almost two weeks more than I planned to, it was bound to be), and I might make a holiday pic post later, provided everyone is not getting tired of those.

-For those of you following the kitten saga: it's been resolved, in the best way possible.
[personal profile] mimine had a agreed to watch it while I was away, and sometime between my return date constantly being pushed forward and the kitten deciding to take a jump from the second floor (it's fine now-and I'm half convinced the little Slytherin feline did it on purpose) the two of them bonded-long story short, any of you curious for updates, check out [personal profile] mimine's lj, because it's her cat now. When she told me the decision over the phone, I kept grinning like an idiot for the rest of the evening, and telling half the island the good news (“My friend took the cat! And I'll get to visit it whenever I want!”). Unsurprisingly, the reaction of the random assortment of people I shared this news with (sailors, bartenders and cafe waiters-I was in that island for a long time) seemed to be perplexed indifference. NGL, that's when I missed fandom and its cat obsession the most. :P

-I'm kind of enjoying Torchwood this season, in a non-ironic way even. I like the new cast additions, and some of the most LOLtastic “acting” moments from original cast members are thankfully missing.

-I really, really want to read some newer HP fic (considering how out of touch I've been with HP fandom, “newer” can mean up to 2-3 years), but don't even know where to start. I'd appreciate any recs you have-I prefer Snarry and H/D (and Snape/Hermione, but I've given up finding decent fic of the pairing), but would love to check out some het, femslash and other pairings as well, preferrably not involving Weasleys or Marauders (but I can make exceptions for really good fic).

-Eta: Almost forgot! The icon meme, because it's fun:

1. Reply to this post with “CONVERSE”, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

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I'm back! I had a fantastic time in the UK, but I will say that not having Internet after DiaCon was its own special brand of torture.

The con was AMAZING. The panels were all very interesting, and I wish that I had time to attend all of them, but between meet-ups and sneaking off to check out Canterbury, there wasn't enough time. The best part was, of course, meeting people, both discovering that flist people was as cool as I had expected and meeting new people I probably never would have otherwise. Overall the whole con was hectic in the best way, with much discussion, drinking and general merriment-and ok, the drinking part was mostly me, which shouldn't surprise anyone who's known me more than five minutes. The whole experience has definitely rekindled my interest in HP.

I'd love to talk more about the movie, but it feels like I watched it a million years ago, and what I mostly remember is how fun it was watching it with a big group of people who also laughed their asses off at a particularly drawn out conversation about wands.

I might post some photos later, both of the con and general holiday pics, but right now I have to do a massive catch up and stalk add a bunch of people.

On a break

Jul. 19th, 2011 11:20 pm
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I'm off to the UK for two weeks for DiaCon Alley and to visit some friends. I probably won't have Internet access for the duration, and am preemptively going through withdrawal. Bye, flist, I'll miss you!


Jul. 7th, 2011 08:02 pm
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  •  I STILL haven't found a home for the kitten, and it won't happen anytime soon, as it developed some skin issues due to being being away from his mum so soon that need treatment first (I already spent close to 200 euro that I cannot afford on it). In the meantime, she seems to think I'm her mum and constantly clings to me, when she's not using me a scratching post or randomly jumping on my desk and walking on the keyboard.
  • Thanks to r_grayjoy for the v-gift! It still hasn't properly sunk in that I'll be in Diacon Alley in two weeks.
  • I switched the pics from the Erik/Charles comic picspam to scrapbook because photobucket kept running out of bandwidth and fixed some issues like missing scans.
  • With everything going on, I don't know how I'll find the time to read through all the ASOIAF book before the new one comes out. I don't want to end up dragging the last three books to the UK with me.
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-The whole Pottermore thing is making me roll my eyes a bit at the PR-stuntiness of it (it's a tantalizing hint! Of Big Things! We know nothing about!), though some of the fandom speculation is fun to watch. I highly doubt it's another book, though you never know of course. What would that hypothetical Potter book even be about? Unless JKR goes "psych, the epilogue was dream sequence! Here is Harry and the gang's eighth year in Hogwarts!", which would be kind of hilarious, Rowling's somewhat limited on what she can write about. The next Gen kids? The MWPP era? Some new OCs in the wizarding world? None of the above are exactly Relevant To My Interests.

-I still haven't found a home for the kitten, and I'm seriously stressing out. Maybe I'll have more luck once it's off the bottle, but keeping it is not an option, and my mother is already hinting at giving it to some acquaintances off Athens who have a big garden with many cats when it's a big bigger (it's not the worst solution, but I'd much rather find it a home where it's allowed to be an indoors cat, simply because of the danger than bigger cats and the outdoors might present). I know I'm already more attached than I should be, despite the fact feeding it is the biggest hassle ever (more milk ends up all over me than in the kitten's stomach) and that it seems to think I'm a big scratching post/tooth sharpener (I'm covered in teeny tiny scratches. I look like I've been attacked by a minuscule ninja).

-I'm supposed to see X-MEN First Class next week, and I can't wait. I feel like I'm missing on ALL the interesting conversations.
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-So the official trailer is out, and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

On the one hand, I enjoyed part one, despite my feelings about the HP movies. Still, even from the trailer, I can spot the things that will bother me (ALAN FUCKING RICKMAN. Why must you ruin everything?).

And then there's the fact that this is really it, you know? I know the book series has already ended, and the movies are not new canon like the books were, but it was still something to anticipate, and the discussion/fanworks spike after each was off the good. I just hope the lack of those canon-ish injections won't slow down HP fandom to a crawl. Multifandom interests aside, HP has been part of my fannish existence for almost a decade, and to say I'm kind of attached would be an understatement. ;)

-I've added a bunch of new people since I figured that if I'm at DW most of the time these days, I might as well have something to read. It's mostly people that I meant to add for a while/found through the Network page. I should probably do a proper introductory post one of these days, but it's past 2AM here, so...*waves*.
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-Like everybody else, I've been horrified by the situation in Japan. I wish my financial situation was better so I could donate something to the relief effort, but as it is, I can only be dumbstruck by the scale of the tragedy and enraged at the assholes using this as fodder for cheap jokes or dropping Pearl Harbour (!) references.

-RL has been a neverending source of frustration lately, as I've been considering a professional game plan for when my MBA ends. Going abroad seems to be the only viable option right now, but I'm not thrilled about it, especially since it doesn't feel like much of a choice at this juncture. I have a job interview next week, so we'll see how that goes.

-This is quite possibly the best thing I've seen all week:

Now, I'm not condoning violence as a response to bullying (though I'm not exactly condemning it either), but I can completely understand where that kid is coming from. There's only so much you can take before you snap (and obviously a lot of people agree, given that this clip made the kid into an instant Internet hero.

Also...that little bully runt seriously lacks some self-preservation skills. Did it not cross his mind that a boy who's twice his size might, I don't know, fight back?


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