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-Like everybody else, I've been horrified by the situation in Japan. I wish my financial situation was better so I could donate something to the relief effort, but as it is, I can only be dumbstruck by the scale of the tragedy and enraged at the assholes using this as fodder for cheap jokes or dropping Pearl Harbour (!) references.

-RL has been a neverending source of frustration lately, as I've been considering a professional game plan for when my MBA ends. Going abroad seems to be the only viable option right now, but I'm not thrilled about it, especially since it doesn't feel like much of a choice at this juncture. I have a job interview next week, so we'll see how that goes.

-This is quite possibly the best thing I've seen all week:

Now, I'm not condoning violence as a response to bullying (though I'm not exactly condemning it either), but I can completely understand where that kid is coming from. There's only so much you can take before you snap (and obviously a lot of people agree, given that this clip made the kid into an instant Internet hero.

Also...that little bully runt seriously lacks some self-preservation skills. Did it not cross his mind that a boy who's twice his size might, I don't know, fight back?


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