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 I haven’t posted about the first episodes, but as a reader of the series, the most important thing about this season is that we are in uncharted territory. Yes, George R.R. Martin has told the show creators some of the salient future plot points, but there will be significant divergence in plots and possibly a different take on storytelling/characters/motivations, all of which will be reflected on what we get. Not necessarily in a bad way, just…different.

-So Jon Snow lives, after all. More or less. This should have been more a jaw-dropping moment, but given that I was never convinced they’d be rid of him even after all the misleading promos (a somewhat irrational conviction in a universe where NOBODY is safe) it didn’t have quite the impact. I liked that he didn’t spent too much time in the whole ‘crazed from being resurrected' phase. A lot of other shows go there, and it’s boring. Still, Jon was most interesting as a tool to provoque reactions from others, such as Melissandre’s attempt to grasp on to her waivering faith, the matter-of-fact way the wildlings accepted him vs the Night’s Watch hesitation, and Davos continuing to be the wisest, most loyal and gloriously blunt counsel a man could have. And fuck yeah, they killed Ollie! I’ve never hated a kid that much since Joffrey.

-Arya’s storyline is just blatantly ripping off Daredevil now. Not that I’m complaining. The Girl is badass. And now The Girl has her sight, and hopefully well on her way to raining well-deserved vengeance all around.

-Dany’s story continues to be underwhelming and going nowhere fast. Some Poor Man’s Drogo And The Sassy Dothraki, some revisit to old places of heart munching, references to dragons but not SEEING dragons…meh.

-I mean, I’m not precisely happy to see Cersei back to her plotting ways, but after the humiation and lost of power last season, it’s reassuringly familiar. Also, the younger Lannister kids who are not Myrcella continue to show the dangers of inbreeding. Really, Tommen? A few words and the Head Sparrow is playing you like a fiddle?

-Ha, Varys’ little birds are kids! Sherlock Holmes would approve.

-Fucking hell, so now Ramsay has Osha and Tommen? And Shaggydog is DEAD? FUCK THIS I HATE EVERYTHING SOMEONE KILL HIM ALREADY!

-Give it up, Tyrion, we all already knew Mereen is a snooze fest, stop trying to make fun happen

-The Queen of Thorns continues to deliver the sickest burns ‘I understand how that might get confusing in your family’.

-Oh, come ON, Jon quits the watch and I bet Sansa gets there two hours after. They are seriously taking the piss at this point!


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