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-It definitely started significantly slower and, well, less all-encompassigly intense than season 1, but that was ok. Given both the origin aspect of S1 and the particular comic storyline they were tackling, they would have been hard-pressed to top it. Instead, we got a much more established vibe and a lot more courtroom drama. And then of course shit hit the fan around ep 8 and it was a roller coaster from then on.


-Speaking of courtroom drama, I appreciate Foggy finally growing a spine and stepping out of Matt's shadow. As much as I love Matt, and it is his show after all, the way he treated Foggy and Karen was simply unacceptable. It was good to see Mr Nelson step up and kick ass in the courtroom, as much as I will bemoan the demise of Avocados at Law, I'm exciting for the new direction they're going in, rife with crossover possibilities.


-Holy shit, Frank Castle. I never cared much for Punisher in the comics, because for all his revenge crusade he often feels flat and uncomplicated. This Punisher was everything the character could be and more, intense, complex, more than a little bit psychotic but also oddly charming, relatable and both seemingly in control and at a breaking point. Please tell me there will be a flood of Frank/Karen fic and wow, this is a sentence I'd never thought I'd type.


-As always the show is visually gorgeous, beautifully shot in grainy film with lots of greens, shadows and of course the everpresent religious imagery. The violence on the show is really appealing to some blood-thirsty little part of me-not at all comic booky, it feels visceral, real and just...violent. And thankfully they managed to tweak the DD suit from the ott campiness of the end of last season to something that works better onscreen.


-Speaking of the Devil, boy, Matt has more issues than are in his entire comic book run, doesn't he? Him isolating himself from the world is nothing new, yet he brought it to a new level this season and as a result lost the few ties to humanity he had. I'd be tempted to say the boy never learns, but then that wonderful, unexpected and deeply satisfying final scene with Karen shows that he does. HE TOLD HER, YOU GUYS! And not because he was forced to or because she figured it out (although there was that moment when he rescued her when I was sure she would) but because if there's one thing that Electra (and to an extent Frank) taught him is that while he can techically (by burning the candle at both ends to a dangerous degree, as Claire pointed out) do this alone, he doesn't want to. And I loved that there was less surprise on her face than dawning realisation, because on some level, she knew.


-I could watch Karen Page Intrepid Reporter all day. I was so nervous about her throughout the series, because Daredevil's girlfriends historically have the lifespan of a Spinal Tap drummer, but blessedly, they went in a surprising and AWESOME route. Karen's scenes with Frank were among the best of the show, as was her investigative tenacity, ability to keep it together despite being involved in basically every shitshow happening in hell's kitchen and her ultimately finding empowerement not through the antics of heroes in the roofs but in the every day strength of the ordinary people of Hell's Kitchen. Karen is still the heart of the show but she is also now an unreleting, intelligent, curious and all-around amazing investigative reporter. This wasn't about her becoming Matt's girlfriend. It was about her becoming the new Ben Urich (and sidenote, Ben's boss knew it. Between the office he put her in, the offer of Scotch, his 'fond but demanding boss' attitude I was starting to get concerned he'd try to dress her in Ben's old clothes).


-Oh, my Elektra. Not quite how I pictured the character (though a massive improvement of the Garner Travesty) but I am a little bit in love with her nontheless. While lacking some of the gravitas of comics Elektra, there was so much to love about her. And while her death was fairly certain to happen (and became inevitable once Matt stated his willingness to run away with her), it was handled SO MUCH BETTER than in the comics. She wasn't fridged. Yes, her death will no doubt cause Matt much angst, but she wasn't killed for just being his girlfriend. She was the special one the Hand was after and if anything, Matt was in the way. What's more, she chose the terms of her death and went out much like she lived, with a flip comment and badass attitude. And yes, I realise her agency is somewhat diminished by the Hand digging her out anyway, but if that means we can have her kicking ass in fabulous outfits again next season, I'm willing to look past it.


-Wilson Fisk, you are still a magnificent bastard.


I could go on, but I need to go hunt ALL the Frank and Karen fic!

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