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 So I finally watched Captain America: Civil War on Monday. Some stray thoughts:

-Like Winter Soldier, this felt a lot more of an Avengers film than any of the other single hero franchises, to the point that when Steve and Bucky headed to Siberia towards the end I was thinking ‘But what about the other Aveng…oh’. At the same time, it’s more grounded and restrained than the Avengers films, and I don’t mean that as a bad thing. The character stuff involving Steve and Bucky and Steve and Tony in particular was fantastic.

-I always said that they can’t adapt the Civil War storyline on film – and they didn’t. The original story requires a cast/history just bigger than even the current ever-expanding MCU. But that’s ok. They did something new, and while it wasn’t necessarily as visceral as the comics stuff or made as much sense it worked onscreen.

-One thing that did work is how personal it all got for them. Yes, Steve is invested in his ability to be indendent from political influence, but at the heart of it it’s about saving his friend. And Tony…oh, Tony. ‘I don’t care. He killed my mum’. MY HEART!

-So I liked T’Challa a lot more during his (limited) time in this film than I ever did in the comics. They even managed to make the cat suit look non cheesy.

-So many lighthearted/funny character moments to chose from among all the betrayal and cloak and dagger. Sam and Bucky giving the Bro-iest smirk to Steve after he made out with Sharon. Ant-Man being a total dork when introduced to Cap. EVERYTHING about Peter Parker.

-Speaking of which, d’awwwww, lookit the ickle little Spidey! I’m looking forward to the Spider-Man film. The actor is actually close to the age Peter was when he first got his powers, but now we’ll get to experience that minus the cheesy 60s comics writing (and yes, I know we got that in Ultimate Spider-Man, but, you know. Ultimate verse.

-Natasha remains the HBIC. I liked how she initially sided with Tony because of her pragmatic nature, but when she saw Steve wouldn’t let up, she couldn’t bring herself to go against him.

-Why is Vision dressed like a 1950s dad?

My favourite thing about Civil War however is it highlighted how big of an overblown tedious Ball of Suck Batman vs Superman was

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