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Ahem. But seriously, bravo, Joss, and to all the Whedon doubters: neener, neener!

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I've finally moved out of the place I was staying at, yay! I'm not moving into the new place until the first of May, but [personal profile] penelope_z has very generously put me up, so even the temporary arrangements are already a massive improvement on my previous living situation. Now I only need to find a job, and I can stop spending 75% of my waking hours (and judging by some weird-ass dreams, 100% of my sleep) panicking about money.

Mind you, the remaining 25% of my time is not actually bad. We just watched Trekkies and Trekkies 2 which has certainly been an...interesting experience.

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I'm only partially caught up on my TV shows but right now, I really feel like talking Mad Men.
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So I’m on day three of my umpteenth “quitting smoking” attempt, which has left me feeling drained and crappy, with a near-constant pounding headache and a general desire to stab things. So bear in mind that my thoughts on Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows might be slightly coloured by the fact, made worse by the fact that in the age of “no one smokes in films except villains” nonsense, I had to pick one of the few films where everybody smokes like a motherfucker lucky bastards

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Happy Apocalypse Year 2012, everybody!

-The traditional thing for this time of year would do some new year’s resolutions, but I’m currently going through such a self-examination/existential crisis in RL, any post I made would come off as incredibly navel-gazing and/or whiny. So I’m keeping it brief and simple:
RL goals: Get out of current rut/achieve complete and radical status quo changes by the summer at the latest. Oh, and quit smoking and go the gym more, obviously.

Fandom goals: Comment more and write that crackfic I promised [personal profile] ariadneelda under the influence of much tequila (which, as far as “questionable decisions I’ve made under the influence of tequila”, isn’t even in the top 20)

-At the rate my “to read” bookmark folder is growing, I might have caught up with all the fest by the year 2018, or something. Why so many fandoms, self? I was hoping to do most of my Yuletide recs before the reveal, but now see this was a pipe dream.

First off, some HP recs:

On License by Anonymous Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria, Harry/Ginny (NC-17, ~57,000 words)

An unusual premise, involving Draco being placed under a new program under the supervision of Auror Harry Potter after being released from Azkaban. The details Draco’s crime are very gradually and grudgingly revealed, by a Draco that’s at his most distrustful and bitter, contrasted with Harry’s maturity and competence (though the impulsive streak is still there!). The rest of the cast are brilliant as well, and Scorpius is particular is a delight!

Riches and Wonders by Anonymous Harry/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Astoria (NC-17, ~9000 words)

So this story pretty much encapsulates why I adore infidelity!fic. You won’t find any justifications, romanticizing, or vilification of spouses here-neither Harry or Draco are particularly torn up over their actions. In fact, I found Harry’s attitude in equal parts fascinating and offputting at times (which of course made it even hotter).

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by Anonymous Harry/Draco (NC-17, ~56,000 words)

This was so much fun to read! I love the idea of Harry as an Unspeakable (and completely agree with this story’s take that regardless of what he claims to want, deep down he’s an adrenaline junkie who’d never be satisfied with a normal life), and the secret identities, conspiracy-filled plots and general feel of a fast-paced, witty spy novel.

Take the Air by Anonymous Harry/Draco (NC-17, ~50,000 words)

My personal favourite. Aurors Harry and Draco are forced to cooperate on a case, and definitely start off on the wrong foot. And yes, the premise is hardly unique to H/D fic, but the execution is flawless. I couldn’t even begin to list all the things I loved about this fic: the gradually changing dynamic between the pair, attention to detail when it comes to magic, the equally well-portrayed background canon character (Narcissa is brilliant in this!) and engaging OCs, just…everything about it.

An Inconvenient Wedding by Anonymous Draco/Hermione, Scorpius/Lily (NC-17, ~19,000 words)

Probably the best take on the pairing I’ve read in ages. The unexpected engagement of Scorpius and Lily throws a wrench into Draco and Hermione’s illicit affair. This story’s got it all: a well-handled infidelity plot (this year has been good for one of my favourite tropes), a fantastic portrayal of both Draco and Hermione and the rest of the cast (I loved Rose in this), and sex that feels completely real while being scorchingly hot.

Yuletide fic:

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Game of Thrones

They Seem Wild But They Are So Tame In which Sansa has actual dancing lessons with Syrio Forel. There's some definite UST, but more than anything, this is a wonderful character portrait of Sansa around season 1, with all her flaws as well as hints of the potential for future development.

Said the Spider to the Fly Varys and Petyr, in all their scheming glory. The ending was especially satisfying.

Desideratum Another Sansa character portrait, though one with a lot more teeth. Sansa's feelings on the Lannisters, her sisters and the Lady incident.

How I met Your Mother

Five Times Marshall Didn't Slap Barney Pretty much what it says on the tin, though the result is a lot more touching and full of insight into the characters than you'd expect.

Lost In Austen

The Elizabeth Bennet Experience Because Lizzie Bennet transplanted in the 21st century would totally get an lj. Funny, full of sharp commentary and a spot-on Lizzie voice.

Young Avengers

Grab A Blanket, Brother Tommy Shepperd moving in with the Kaplans, mostly focusing on the brothers but doing an equally great job on the Kaplans and the rest of the Young Avengers, and bonus Avengers appearances.
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Dinner and a Show Dexter gen A wonderful character study of Deb, told through various dinners she’s had with important men in her life. The Rudy section in particular was chilling.

What I Am Dexter gen Fantastic plot-heavy fic set sometime in S6, where Dexter is arrested for a murder he didn’t actually commit. While this is very much an ensemble fic, the high point is Debra. And for those who are up to date with the show, one can only hope they deal with certain developments as skilfully as this story did.

All Is Cracked And Confusion Star Trek: Deep Space Nine gen This is the kind of complex and layered storytelling that calls back to my absolutely favourite Trek series. The Obsidian Order attempts to use the Orb Of Time to change history: the result is at times confusing, as Trek timetravel plots tend to be, but the strength of this story lies in the characters (oh, my Garak) and an ending that packs a definite punch.

In The Files Star Trek: Deep Space Nine gen Set immediately post the Dominion occupation of the station, this is a story that reads like an episode, centring around Kira and Jadzia and doing both characters justice.

Thistle & Weeds Big Love Nicki/Alby, Nicki/Lura Nicki was my favourite character on the show, and this story shows all her complexities and contradictions, the ugly flaws and inner strengths, her disturbing and fascinating relationship with Alby, and generally all that makes the character compelling. It’s quite a feat to show Nicki and Alby in all their tainted glory and still make them sympathetic.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Mad Men Roger/Joan Don’t be fooled by the pairing, this is really about Joan and Peggy, and the unexpected friendship that is born out of common ground.

Say It Without Saying It Mad Men gen On the surface, this is all about Don and Peggy coming up with a campaign, which would be enough to make me happy anyway, but essentially this is all about how Peggy sees Don, and exactly what their almost co-dependent rapport means to her.

Anne and George of the Thirds Famous Five gen YAY, Famous Five fic! With George joining Anne in boarding school, this reads like a fusion of Blyton’s mystery and boarding school novels, focusing on the girls’ friendship and the fact there’s more than one awesome way to be a girl.
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-You know, I can't even work up any surprise at lj screwing up anymore, much less indignation. I do feel for everyone who's active in kink memes, anon coms, and any other place made essentially unusable after the “inspired” changes to how comments work.

-In more “and the Internets were made of FAIL” news, I wasn't thrilled with delicious' new design to begin with, and I just discovered I've lost the ability to edit my links. Oh, I can add them to a bundle, privatise them, delete them, but when it comes to editing the title or correcting any other mistake, forget it. Great jobs, guys! *ironic thumbs up*

On a less ranty note, some [community profile] hd_holidays recs:

Humbug (A Christmas Tale) by Anon I'm not even much of a fan of holiday-themed fic, and A Christmas Carol has got to be one of the most heavily-adapted stories, but I was so utterly charmed by this fic, I just had to rec it. While the plot doesn't hold a lot of surprises, the interactions between the characters makes it all worth it, and the humour prevents it from becoming cloying. And Snape as Marley is kind of inspired.

In Plain Sight by Anon One of my favourite tropes post-DH is proudly EWE, 8th year fic, and this one certainly delivers. This one was original in a lot of ways, from the premise of the Board Of Governors deciding to dissolve Slytherin house is one I've never encountered before, to a less-than-typical reaction of Ron and Hermione to the H/D. A fun read all-around.

The Business of Shagging Harry by Anon Draco as an elite wizard pornographer intent of making Harry the star of one of his productions sounds like the summary of a crack fic, but oddly enough, I was buying every single minute of this story, though admittedly the humour and hot sex significantly helped with that.

The Cottage with the Purple Door, A Non-Linear Love Story by Anon As the title implies, this is told in a non-linear style, but so skillfully it never once confused me or pulled me out of the tale. Lovely snippets of the story of Harry and Draco, interspersed with cool details like Draco's profession post-Hogwards, Harry and Draco's most unexpected choices of drinking buddies, and truly adorable takes on Albus Severus and Scorpius.

At Your Service by Anon Another 8th year fic, and my personal favourite. At 96,000 words, its length can be intimidating, but it's totally worth every minute spent reading it. As cliché as that phrase has become, it really does read like the books. With a brilliant mystery, a Harry voice that's about as canon as you can get (and often hilarious in that unaware way that Harry can be), and a truly brilliant and rounded cast of characters. I really cannot recommend this one enough.
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-In the latest “one too many shows I'm getting addicted to” news, I'm enjoying the hell out of Once Upon A Time. The fairytale premise could have easily gone a bit too precious/cheesy, but the plots are tight, the acting fantastic, and I find myself caring about every single character. For those unaware of the premise, each episode features two parallel stories: one in “our” world and one in the fairytale realm, and not only am I finding myself engaged in both equally, but I'm also interested enough in each and every single character and not having any “oh no, an X-centric episode” moments yet. I really love the way the updated take on the fairytales (Most. Kickass. Snow White. Yet.), the fact that the show features several interesting female characters (and complicated relationships among them) and the the gradual way the pieces of the story are revealed. The real standouts on the show are Jennifer Morrison as an unexpectedly likeable protagonist (I wasn't much of a fan of her in House and HIMYM, but as Emma, she hits the right balance of cynism and more humanizing moments), Ginnifer Goodwin as the aforementionned kickass Snow White, the Queen/Evil Watch as a truly fantastic villain and Robert Carlyle at his most delightfully creepy and charismatic Rumplestilskin. Hell, the show is so good, I'm not even annoyed at the obligatory (for the genre) child character.

-Community's Christmas Episode/Epic Takedown of Glee was possibly The Best Thing Ever. I've lost count of the times I've rewatched Troy and Abed's rap number (which actually works as a legit song) and Annie's cringeworthy “sexy” Christmas tune (which really works for an entirely different reason).

-I realise it's been ages since I've made a rec, and I have a ton of older stuff across several fandoms to share, but for now, two recent things:

Iron by [personal profile] obsessive24 This is pretty much the Game Of Thrones vid I've been waiting for since the show began. With a focus on the Starks (mainly Ned), it does a beautiful job of both exploring the tragedy of the the show so far skillfully aluding to the larger picture and things yet to come in the books. The editing is as flawless as you'd expect from [personal profile] obsessive24, and the song seems to have been written for Ned Stark.

 Blame it on the Rhine by [personal profile] snegurochka_lee Harry/Pansy, Draco/Hermione It's been a while since I read a HP fic, but this is just the kind of thing that can draw me back in. The Harry/Pansy was hilarious, emotionally effective and searchingly hot, the side Draco/Hermione obvious to everyone but Harry, but what really made the fic for me was the use of famous works of art (complete with images and Harry and Pansy's wildly different takes on them).
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God, this episode. I don't even know how to talk about it, it's left me with so many conflicting feelings.

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Nov. 23rd, 2011 08:36 pm
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I couldn't resist doing this one. I tried to make at least some of my answers different to [personal profile] ariadneelda's (too much overlap in our fandoms), and stuck to one pairing per fandom.

1. Think of up to 20 ships you support.
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your f-list guess as many of the ships as they can.
4. Fandom hints will be given if asked in the comments.

1. The Well-Intentioned Leader Who Has Issues With Boundaries/ The Well-Intentioned Villain Who Has Too Many Feelings Xavier/Magneto
2. The Hero Feeling The Conflict Between The Weight Of The World And What They Want/The Other One, Who Just Takes What They Want Buffy/Faith
3. The Morally Dubious Demon Hunter Who Makes Scruffy Look Good/The Amoral Lawyer Who Makes Anything Look Good Wesley/Lilah
4. The Geeky Yet Hot Hacker/The Offbeat Cat-Burglar Hardison/Parker
5. The Self-Destructive Millionaire Alcoholic With Control Issues/The Consummate Boyscout Iron-Man/Captain America
6. The Mercenary Who Loves Weapons/The Girl Who Is A Weapon Jayne/River
7. Villains Fear His Witty One-Liners/Villains Fear His Epic Manpain Spider-Man/Daredevil
8. The Brash Young Hero In Dire Need Of A Hairbrush/The Duplicitous Antihero In Dire Need Of Some Hair Products Harry/Snape
9. The Plucky Little Budding Sociopath/ The Bastard Who Invented Emo In His Universe Arya Stark/Jon Snow
10. The Hero Whose Extraordinary Abilities Allow Him To Do Anything But Tell A Convincing Lie/ The Scientist/Business Mogul With (justifiable) Trust Issues Clark/Lex
11. The Detective With A Heroic Past Who Loves Booze and Cursing/ The Hero With The Unbreakable Skin Who Hates Authority And Loves Self-Destructive Women Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
12. The Egotistical, Philandering, Charismatic Talented Liar/The Mother Of The Year Don Draper/Betty Draper
13. The Competent And Sexy Linguist/The Emotionally Repressed Science Geek With Mummy Issues Uhura/Spock
14. The Deceptively Simple Tailor/The Deceptively Naive Doctor Garak/Bashir
15. The Lab Tech With The Dark Passenger/The Detective With The Big Mouth Dexter/Deb
16. The Ass-Kicking, Heavy-Drinking, Emotionally Fucked-Up Pilot/The Robot Who Can Talk Anyone's Head Off Starbuck/Leoben
17. The Whiny One Who Does A Passable Batman Voice And Won't Stay Dead/GOD Dean/Castiel
18. The Genius With The Social Malfuction/The Waitress With The Slight Drinking Problem Sheldon/Penny
19. The One Who Seeks The Truth/The One Who Seeks Actual Evidence Mulder/Scully
20. The Starship Captain/The Rational Crew Member Who Seeks To Understand Humanity (and no, not the ones you think) Janeway/Seven Of Nine

eta: And the answers! Considering my many, many fandoms, people had good guesses!


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